Arthur Labinjo-Hughes ‘Respectfully Resign’ petition rejected

Thomas Hughes, Arthur, and Emma Tustin (Credit: WM Police)

· John Dutton — Stepfather of Emma Tustin: made an anonymous referral to Social services in May 2020

· Joanne Hughes — Paternal Grandmother: tried to inform authorities more than once in the months up to his death

· Daniel Hughes — Uncle of deceased Arthur: raised the alarm twice with WM Police (and sent in photos of bruises)

· Neighbour of Tustin and Hughes: contacted social services anonymously

· Peter and Madeline Halcrow — Maternal Grandparents: contacted Social Services raising concerns.

NSPCC — What to do if you have concerns

· Kerry Forsyth-Benson — CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) practitioner: decided there should be ‘No further action’ taken after her short-term involvement.

· Aileen Carabine — Special Educational Needs Coordinator at Arthur’s school: recorded Arthur was becoming “fixated” with his dad disappearing from his life, and his dad killing him.

· (NOW RESIGNED) Sarah Turrell — Teaching assistant at Dickens Heath Community Primary School, where Arthur was a pupil. She said in Court that she spoke to Arthur’s dad on the phone who said ‘he had no concerns’.

· Jayne Kavanagh — Social worker who visited Arthur at his home on April 17th 2020. She carried out a ‘threshold of needs assessment’ that led to no further action being taken. This was just two months before Arthur’s murder.

· Angela Scarlett-Coppage — Family Support worker who attended the home with Jayne Kavanagh. She saw faint bruises but accepted that Hughes didn’t consent to further involvement. She agreed to the case being closed.

· (NOW RESIGNED) PC Todd Bennet — received photos of Arthur’s bruising sent by his uncle and eventually raised it with his Sergeant Lee Norbury.

· Sgt Lee Norbury — After delayed discussion about photos, decided there was no further role for Police as ‘social workers were involved’.

Emma Tustin (Photo credit: WM Police)

· Emma Tustin begged her partner to take Arthur to his grandparent’s house, but he refused.

· Tustin had four children with three different men, and was pregnant when she killed Arthur.

· Arthur told school, “I’m worried dad will kill me.”

· Arthur’s uncle sent photographs of bruising to the police. He was assured they would be discussed with a sergeant but this was delayed.

· West Midlands Police closed the case stating ‘Social Services are dealing with it.’

· The pair were sentence to a toal of fifty years imprisonment at Coventry Crown Court on 3rd December 2021

· The combined cost of keeping Hughes and Tustin behind bars will be at least £4.3million

Photos of cells at the prison Tustin is thought to be held at — HMP Peterborough (Credit: Daily Star)




17 years in media. Passionate about social affairs and audio of any kind. PA / NCTJ

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Xenia Huntley

Xenia Huntley

17 years in media. Passionate about social affairs and audio of any kind. PA / NCTJ

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